Let me start by saying my personal experience has been with DV cameras. I am the video guy for my school's football team. Without consulting me, our coach purchased a hard drive camera, a JVC Everio GZ-MG365.

This camera came with a docking station with a DV jack on it. According to all reviews i've read for the camera, I should be able to capture this video into a non-linear editor in the same fashion I am accustomed to with a DV camera.

I am able to capture film, but the program I am using is not recognizing the small clips that it does when I capture from DV.

Before any one asks, the program is a specialized one for analyzing football.

Has any one experienced any problems with anything similar? Any idea as to what kind of settings/options I should be looking for in order to get the video clipped automatically?

Any help is greatly appreciated.