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Thread: 2nd night without sleep, please help, jerky footage

  1. Default 2nd night without sleep, please help, jerky footage

    I just cant understand why I cant get footage to play smoothly.

    Ive been trying this none stop, every way i can think now for 3 days as it must be dine by tomorrow.

    Here is the problem,

    I have a old dvd with archive footage, I need to take that footage and move it to a new DVD with menus on it etc.
    The main feature works fine, although Ive had to use a rip sound and the renamed vob files.

    The special features part of the DVD contains new footage which is on another disk. I did the same method, move the vob files over, renamed them and used some ripped sound that i managed to get when I first tried to convert them to .mov

    Anyway, I render out of premiere to mpeg-2 pal dvd and goto encore. With the footage on a timeline I can use the monitor to see its nice and smooth.

    When I burn to an ISO and check the footage is very jumpy and jerky. However its not all the footage. the main feature works fine, most of the seprate news files work fine, just the odd one or two of the news files are jumpy and unwatchable.

    I have burn a disk and tried it on lots of dvd players but its all the same.

    Can someone please help as im going mad.

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    im now trying using MPEG stream clip but what setting should I output to?
    AVI, MOV, DV???

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    DV if it's SD footage

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