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Thread: best camera for shooting indoor concerts

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    Default best camera for shooting indoor concerts

    Hi Guys, hope you can help. I'm a professional photographer who has been dropped in the Video deep end by my friends. I've been asked to film a 3 hour charity rock concert with a full stage lighting rig. I need to get some idea of the best tool for the job. I've taken hundreds of stills of rock concerts in my time but never video...a different ball game I think. The quality needs to be equivalent to a HDTV picture. As to sound I really wouldn't expect hifi from any cam without a feed in from the mixing desk or stand mounted twin mics? Any input would be REALLY valued!!! This is a one off performance that needs to be got right from start to finish!!

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    How many camera's will you have?

    What cameras?

    To get a decent video you will need things such as manual exposure and focus as flashing lights really mess up automatic functions in cameras.

    To get the best sound, you should remix in post, just because it sounds good live doesn't mean that it sounds good on the tv. you should also get an mic to do ambient, i'm not sure where you would place this inside, perhaps at the back of the room.

    how big is the venue and do you already have cameras?

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