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    Hello. I taped my sister's wedding using a Sony HDR-SR11. There is one part where she dances with our grandfather in memory of my father, who died before I was born. We always said he was a yellow butterfly. She has a tattoo of a butterfly on her back, and there's a butterfly song playing in the background.

    Anyway, I thought it would be cool if I had a butterfly flutter in and land on the bottom frame of the video during that dance scene, and then fly off at the end. Any ideas how I would accomplish this? I have Sony Vegas Studio.

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    Real or animated what you are going to need is footage of a butterfly doing roughly what you want shot either against a transparent background or a background of a solid colour.

    You may be able to buy such footage from a stock footage supplier.

    You then use this on overlay track (and if the background is solid colour, key out the background)

    You can then "fine tune" the movement using track motion and keyframes on the overlay track.

    Or you could do the whole thing with a static image of a butterfly (again with transparent background or solid colour) and achieve all the movement with track motion. But, to be honest, I'd think this would look so bad as to be either amusing or insult the memory of your father.

    For example:
    Stock Video Footage: Butterfly (Includes alpha channel)
    Stock Footage of Butterfly animation

    Here's a yellow one:
    Stock Footage of Yellow butterfly flying around and landing. Includes Alpha channel.
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