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    Default beginners problems

    I have previously used Pinnacle software.
    With Sony I cannot find how to START a new project , what ever I do frames get added to my last project.
    How do you delete everything pertaining to a project?

    Transitions , under Pinaannacle they are a sensible length; this system its 1 sec and then manually extend each one, this cant be right.

    I found Pinnacle easy I cant get the basics right with this (PS the HELP does not help). Can anybody help an oldie to get started?

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    Just guessing here but you probably need to go to File then close the project or close and save the project and the timeline will clear. Once cleared you do the same to start a new project.
    On the transitions you need to go into the default settings of the program and there will be a default length for transitions that you can change.... somewhere!

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    By Sony, I presume you mean Sony Vegas of some flayour, right?

    To start a new project use the standard followed by all Windows programs - File | New

    How long is a sensible transition length? The answer is the same as a piece of string.

    Overlap the two events by the time you want the transition to last (eg .5 secs, 2 secs). By default this will create a crossfade of that length. Then simply drop the transition on top of the crossfade. Job done.

    From your question, I'm guessing you have "automatic overlap" turned on which means if you drop a number of clips on the timeline they will overlap (crossfade) for a default time.

    You can change this behaviour anf the time under Options | Preferences
    On the "editing" tab there's a box "Automatically overlap multipleselected media when added" - I'm guessing you have this switched on, right? (I turn it off, I see little use for it - I trim my clips on the timeline)
    Immediately under that you can adjust the length of the overlap (cut to overlap conversion, which indeed defaults to 1 sec) and even how the overlap is aligned.

    Help is quite detailed but sometimes you need to know the right words to search for
    The manual is even better.

    Have you run through the interactive tutorials (found under help)? These give a good intro.

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