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Thread: Pinnacle Studio Plus 12 - Blurry Menu

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    Default Pinnacle Studio Plus 12 - Blurry Menu

    I am new to video editing, but I am working on putting together a wedding video for some good friends of ours.

    I was told (from Best Buy) that Pinnacle was a great program to use. I have been able to figure out how to put a basic video together, using various video effects, menu links, transitions, photo montages, etc.

    But now I am to the stage of burning. I did a general "burn to disc" straight from the editing stage. It did the burning process & finalized the disc without errors. However when we watch it, on both the old tube-TV and our new 1080i flat screen .... the video footage and main menu are VERY BLURRY. Photo Montages look great, and crisp/clear when viewed, no problem there. The menu is the biggest frustration, as on our flat screen you can barely read what the various chapters read. The font is so poor that someone who didn't make the disc may not even be able to guess what it says. I dont have a professional video camera, so the footage wasn't the best to begin with....but it's only a 2 year old $700 JVC model, so I woudln't think the film footage would be quite that blurry. My old home-videos looked better, in my opinion, using a 1980 camcorder!!!

    I used a 8.5GB Dual-Layer disc when burning, and therefore was able to burn it at 100% quality with room to spare. It's only about 82 minutes of edited video. So I wasn't losing qulity due to excess file size. Any suggestions to those who have used Pinnacle Studio Plus 12???? Customer support has no suggestions - not exactly great help, in my opinion.

    I have no knowledge about the various options with burning and different ways to go about it. I know when I used Adobe Premiere Elements (in the past), I needed to save my edited video as an MPEG file and then burn to a disc (in order to get an "error free" burning). So just out of pure guessing, I've tried to save this current project as an AVI file and then burn to a disc....but same result ... BLURRY menu/video, but excellent photo montages.

    I have a new laptop (less than 1 year old) so I believe I should have the capability to get this to burn smoothly and correctly.

    If anybody has any tips or suggestions, please let me know. I am desperate, as the couple returns from their honeymoon tomorrow and I was hoping to have a final copy to hand to them!! Please email me if you read this and have a chance to lend me suggestions or have run into this situation yourself.

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    Perhaps post some pics here of the problem? Screencaps or photos.

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    Hi LM,

    Have got similar problem myself and hence found your post.

    Have you tried downloading the 12.1 Studio patch from Pinnacle? It claims to fix this problem. I tried it last night but no improvement but that might be because I'm using a menu I created in the 12.0 version of the software.

    Going to try again tonight scrapping the old menu and starting again with one from the 12.1 patched version.

    Let me know if you come up with any fixes as I'm not totally convinced yet that the 12.1 patch works!


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    Well when I tried it again, and again, and again it turns out the patch doesn't make any difference. I've had a nightmare trying to get my menus to even render (were rendering as green screen) and now that they do they're still all blocky, pixelated and blurry. Gave up in the end and just pushed out the DVD with crappy menus. Not happy

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    Any luck with this?

    I'm on Studio 12.1 - having the SAME EXACT issue. Slideshow is great - but I have one, simple main menu up front to start the show. 1 Text box and 1 button - very simple.

    Quality of the menu is HORRENDOUS - but rest of show is great.

    I will try the patch, but came across this thread and would love to know if you have any luck...


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    High bsn321, I only have v10.8. So I've never had this problem. I would recommend the Pinnacle forum as they have more Pinnacle experts that may be able to help.

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    I have the exact same problem! & I tried talking to the people at Pinnacle but they have been NO help what so ever!

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