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Thread: Slide Shows - am I on the right track...

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    Default Slide Shows - am I on the right track...

    Just need some basic pointers to see if I am on the right direction and what things I have found out of late....

    Requirements - place holiday snaps high res onto DVD slideshow with music track and a few titles

    Power Director 7 - Easy to use - no problem making clips etc - when producing opt for United Kingdom PAL/MPEG2/DVD HQ and use unaltered digital pics from camera that are huge in size ie 2592 x 1944 pixels - final DVD quality in my opinion not too bad.

    Sony Vegas - More technical but stuck with it and when choose "render as" go for MainConcept MPEG-2/DVD PAL which gives me 25fps at 720x576. Unable to produce movie within Vegas as asks for DVD Architect Studio not being installed - but I do have it, so open the MPEG clip in Power Director and produce there - final quality abysmal on the DVD when its burnt

    Search forums and find that Vegas does not like large digital images, so open every one in Photoshop and resize image (constrained) to 720 x 540 pixels to imitate DVD pixel size. Again make slideshow in Vegas and produce using Power Director - again quality very poor....

    Any thing I am doing blatently wrong in Vegas or am I destined to use Power Director forever and a day? I am wondering that if I am on holiday and taking digital camera pictures to later place on a DVD then to set the camera to TV setting first and not high quality setting?

    Also is there a way to get my Vegas to recognise my DVD Architect program manually so I can do everything in Vegas?

    Thanks for reading this far and hope you guys can help......


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    Your doign right if Vegas 8 or 9pro, though I suspect you have the cut down version

    I use 10meg pictures on the timeline with no trouble on V8 pro
    I render as you do and end up with an mpeg file it has never askedf for the DVD program, which is why I suspect you have the cut down version as that does have that option.

    Make sure when you render you do so at least 6mps to keep the quality up.

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    You are clearly using Sony Vegas Movie Studio as Pro wouldn't ask for DVD Architect. Ensure you've loaded the correct DVD Architect STUDIO to go with your VMS. Have you tried re-installing DVDAS?

    Quality issues - what does the MPEG file look like? Does the problem occur there or once burned to DVD?

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    Another How To in Slide Show question using my new Sony Movie Studio Platinum: Decided to dip my tow in the water by producing a slide show of my 1961 21st party as I had a full photo record plus a tape of the party, as in those days we made our own music. Everything is fine, the photos, transitions, audio track cleaned up. BUT how do I pan/zoom each still? With Corel Video Studio they have a panning studio feature where the beginning and end of pan can be set manually. I can not find any panning tool and manual has no mention.

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    You'll find help for Panning in online Help (F1). Adjust the selection area and use keyframes in the Video Event Pan/Crop (from the Tools menu, choose Video, and choose Video Event Pan/Crop (or click the Pan/Crop button on the video event).
    All recent versions of Movie Studio Platinum have the Slideshow Creator (in the Insert menu) as well with several Effects presets in Settings.
    There's also the inexpensive VASST StillMotion slideshow plugin available for vs.12 and 13 in SCS Partner Products.
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