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Thread: Vegas freeze when opening earlier svg project !!

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    Default Vegas freeze when opening earlier svg project !!

    Hi every body,

    I realy fond of sony vegas and I got the 9 version recently.

    Yesterday I created a new project ( slide show ) it was contained three tracks:

    1- About 15 jpeg photo.
    2- Music ( wav file ).
    3- Tiff file done by partical illusion. ( Image sqwncs )

    Between each 2 photos I made a transition.

    After I completed I closed the file but when I open it again the program freeze ( 2% progress only )

    Anu suggestion could help ?

    Thank you for your support.

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    The file saved ar VEG files if V8/9 Pro

    Check all your media is still there , look for the BAK file and rename to VEG and see if you can open that.

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    You are exporting TIFF images from Particle Illusion? How big are are ALL the TIFF images? What are their individual sizes? I'm guessing huge. That and the fact that Vegas prefers PNGs or JPEGS. But why are you exporting image sequences from Pi? You can export an avi y'know? AVIs are food and drink to Vegas.

    My thoughts are that Vegas is "choking" on the amount and size of the TIFFs. And another thing, you are going to use an image sequence, TIFFs are used for high qulaity STILLS, for an image sequence PNGs are good enough.

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    Hello every body,

    Thank you very much for your good support.

    The problem has been solved. It was due to the unsupported transtion I used. When I check I noted a small blue square beside all the transition other than the default ones. I made another project consists only from 2 photos and 1 unsupported transition, I closed then opened again .. the renering freezed in 27%. I made another with many photos + music and I used sony default transition, every thing was run smoothly.

    Actually the tiff size is not so huge it is about 2mg only. I prefered the TIFF 'coz I think it is good for alpha chan. I tried AVI and I changed the mode to add in vegas but clip becomes white when there is a white clip in the track under.

    Sorry for my English mistakes.
    I am still beginner with sony .

    Thank you very much again for your reaction.

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