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Thread: Panasonic HMC40 for Weddings

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    Default Panasonic HMC40 for Weddings

    Hi Guys

    I had a break between my 2008/9 and the start of the new season this month so it was about the only time I had a 3 week gap to replace cameras!!

    Because I'm a "must be a shoulder-mount" person I replaced my 2 SD MD10000 Panasonics with the HD Proline HMC 72's (PAL) They perform great but I was in two minds to get the even newer HMC40 cams that are due out any day now.

    However if anyone is considering these cameras just bear in mind that they don't use CCD chips!! Panasonic have decided to use 3MOS imaging in these and although they say that they have solved the rolling shutter with flash photography issue with a firmware update, the chips still unfortunately seem to have an issue with fast pans or fast motion where the image verticals are distorted because of the way the scan is carried out!!!

    If anyone has considered these I also wondered if they would suffer from the dreaded "jello" effect that CMOS sensors display??? It would be interesting to know!!


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    Hi Chris,

    Yes!! I have also had this problem with cmos technology. You can see it epsecially when you move the camera and tape is still rolling. It looks like it's been shot on a mobile phone camera!!

    The whole picture seems to bend out of shape. I think it's to do with the new HDV (G.O.P. Mpeg) compression as it doesnt capture a true single frame every 25th of a sec (when shooting in PAL). I am constaly aware of it when shooting...but having said that I dont usally use whips pans in a wedding video!!

    I have just got a new Manfroto tripod with a 501 HDV fluid head so it gives a nice smooth pan and so I shouldnt have to worry so much about it. I used to use a small elastic band for my pans with my old tripod!!! I got some great smooth pans and tilts with it as the tension on the band absourbes all the shake (one end on tripod arm and other end on my finger)

    I use the Sony z7 and I've also noticed problems with flash photography also. I have not upgrade the firmware as of yet.

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