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    Hello everyone,

    I recently purchased an hvx200 and a Petro backpack to store it in. I like the idea of a backpack because it is soo much easier to lug things around. I was just wondering though, is the lens to my camera supposed to be facing up or down? It makes more sense down, as the viewfinder sticks out the back. But I heard some people say that with the ois it should be up??? Does anyone know if it actually matters?

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    It makes absolutely no difference.

    In the days of bulky, heavy film cameras with weighty lenses there were all sorts of theories about putting too much strain on the lens mount etc. Some wanabees will try and insist that you should always carry a camera "glass up" because they want to sound like old sweats who know it all. Others will say that you should carry it "lens down" so that the lens doesn't put a sideways strain on the mount. It's all bollox with a video camera. Just avoid jolting it too hard whichever way you lug it around.

    In the same way ignore those who insist that you release all the brakes and gears on a tripod before carrying it or that lamps (bulbs) should be removed from lighting units before transporting. Old wives tales all.

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    Thanks for the response Gaffer! Awesome, well I didn't think it made a differnce as every pictures of petrol packs on google I found were lens down. But now I am at total ease

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