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    Hello, everybody

    I recently listened through CDCHD 1072 «Good Rockin' Brown» which contains recordings restored from acetates. Two things seized my attention at once (however, the prominence thereof varies between tracks). First, the somewhat unnatural (metallic, echoey) sound of crackles and clicks and similarly unnatural sounds accompanying cymbals. Second — despite the recordings' sound being muffled (lacking the highs) it can be partially mended by just boosting the hi frequencies on the equalizer (my amplifier has a two-band one), which means the highs are there, but at a low level.

    As for the first peculiarity, I wonder if they really abuse noise-reduction systems to such an extent as to produce audible artefacts? Or did my hearing fail me?

    Concerning the second, I'd like to know what could be the cause of it. Why didn't the engineer equalize the record better? It seems unlikely that the only culprit is the limited frequency range of the recording tract, because if I could compensate for it using my amp, why couldn't they do it too, electrically?

    Is it possible that during the sound restoration the record was fed to a low-pass filter to mask the clicks and cracks so prominent otherwise (in spite of the noise reduction and digital clean-up)?

    I wouldn't have asked it, had I an original 78 rpm and been able to compare its sound to the CD's.

    I would be especially glad to have feedback form those who might happen to own the CD, but help from anyone acquainted with the modern audio restoration techniques will be appreciated.

    Thank you in advance,

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    Ummm... well, someone may well answer your question - but you are in a VIDEO forum - the sound sub section is usually concerned with what type of mics might suit which situation and so forth.

    I think your question may be better and more comprehensively answered in an AUDIO forum....

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    Thanks, Andy. Feel free to delete the thread so I can post it in a more appropriate forum.


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