Hi, I've put together a video in After Effects 6.5 importing image, title and date files as Photoshop jpg files. The file is exported from AE as an animation QT movie and everything runs fine when I check it in QT. The problem is that when it's burnt to DVD in Studio Pro 3 and Toast 9 the titles and dates appear to jump up or down a pixel when they first appear. Also odd, it only happens with the letters that change eg. a series of dates from 11 - 19 6.09: only the number that changes, ie. 2,3,4 etc, jumps, same with titles that change numbers - twins 1, twins 2, 1 and 2 jump.

Have checked the tracks in AE, there is no change in position between one frame and the next. Does anyone know what's causing this, please?

Many thanks for any replies,