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Thread: Sony movie studio platinum. Mutiple audio tracks

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    Default Sony movie studio platinum. Mutiple audio tracks

    hello , im having a problem when I add a video file that contains multiple audio tracks to the timeline. It alerts of an error and close the program. I'm adding VOB files ripped from a dvd. they are the only files i have with multiple audio tracks. I'm not adding any effects to them. all i want to do is combine them to make one long video file.

    my system consist of an AMD Athlon 5200 X2 2.7ghz Brisbane. 1gb of ram. ( i haven't bought a video card yet , so the on board video takes 32mb of ram.) on board audio.

    my mother board model is, msi MK9N6PGM2-V

    Windows 7 RC 64 bit

    here's a screenshot of what happens

    here's the details

    Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9.0 TRIAL
    Version 9.0b (Build 92)
    Exception 0xC0000005 (access violation) WRITE:0xA230000 IP:0x24A02BE1
    In Module 'mcdddec.dll' at Address 0x24A00000 + 0x2BE1
    Thread: AsyncPreroll ID=0x78C Stack=0xA42F000-0xA430000
    EAX=ffff3820 CS=0023 EIP=24a02be1 EFLGS=00010286
    EBX=1045d028 SS=002b ESP=0a42fe20 EBP=00000000
    ECX=ffffffac DS=002b ESI=0a230000 FS=0053
    EDX=ffffffff ES=002b EDI=00000006 GS=002b
    Bytes at CS:EIP:
    24A02BE1: 66 89 0E 83 C6 02 4F 75 f.....Ou
    24A02BE9: 9A 8B 7C 24 10 8B 44 24 ..|.D$
    Stack Dump:
    0A42FE20: 104627BC 10380000 + E27BC
    0A42FE24: 0A22C040 09F30000 + 2FC040
    0A42FE28: 000609C0 00050000 + 109C0
    0A42FE2C: 10443C10 10380000 + C3C10
    0A42FE30: 00000006
    0A42FE34: 24A01868 24A00000 + 1868 (mcdddec.dll)
    0A42FE38: 000000B0
    0A42FE40: 000007E0
    0A42FE44: 113E0020 113E0000 + 20
    0A42FE48: 0002C040
    0A42FE4C: 0000BB80
    0A42FE50: 0A22C040 09F30000 + 2FC040
    0A42FE54: 000000C0
    0A42FE58: 000609C0 00050000 + 109C0
    0A42FE5C: 23206DF6 23200000 + 6DF6 (mcmpegin.dll)
    > 0A42FE90: 23205977 23200000 + 5977 (mcmpegin.dll)
    > 0A42FEB8: 33BBA3D7 33BB0000 + A3D7 (mcplug.dll)
    > 0A42FEC0: 33BBA440 33BB0000 + A440 (mcplug.dll)
    > 0A42FEE0: 0068C63B 00400000 + 28C63B (VegasMovieStudioPE90.exe)
    0A42FEE4: 0ED052CC 0EA90000 + 2752CC
    0A42FEE8: 00000000
    0A42FEEC: 00000000
    0A42FEF0: 0A200000 09F30000 + 2D0000
    > 0A42FF1C: 00691423 00400000 + 291423 (VegasMovieStudioPE90.exe)
    0A42FF20: 00000008
    > 0A42FF24: 00AF8148 00400000 + 6F8148 (VegasMovieStudioPE90.exe)
    > 0A42FF28: 00AF8160 00400000 + 6F8160 (VegasMovieStudioPE90.exe)
    0A42FF2C: 00000002
    0A42FF30: 00000000
    0A42FF34: 00000000
    0A42FF38: 00000000
    > 0A42FF54: 00AF88E0 00400000 + 6F88E0 (VegasMovieStudioPE90.exe)
    0A42FF58: 00000020
    0A42FF5C: 00000000
    0A42FF60: 00000001
    0A42FF64: 80004001
    > 0A42FF7C: 00857848 00400000 + 457848 (VegasMovieStudioPE90.exe)
    - - -
    0A42FFF0: 00000000
    0A42FFF4: 006911E0 00400000 + 2911E0 (VegasMovieStudioPE90.exe)
    0A42FFF8: 03A75B30 03A20000 + 55B30
    0A42FFFC: 00000000

    I think I'm running out of ram, but i dont know.

    the files are about 1 gigabyte each.

    can anyone help me please


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    1] Have you registered your copy of VMSP9? From the info you have submitted this is "TRAIL" software. My understanding is that for Vegas to decode any MPEG2 files it requires the MainConcept licence, which is only available once the Vegas s/w has been registered.

    2] And this is for others too: Are you aware that VMSP has a restricted number audio tracks?
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