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Thread: DSLRs - also has great video recording quality?

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    Default DSLRs - also has great video recording quality?

    Is this true? I was thinking about buying a 3ccd videocam when my friend told me I'm better off getting a Nikon D90 DSLR camera instead since it's already HD quality with 24fps. Now I'm just concerned about sound quality, per the D90 specs, it says "mono". Would I still be better off getting a 3ccd prosumer camcorder or is the D90 good enough for a fledgling filmmaker like me?

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    check this recorded on a D90 ....

    not too shabby i think you will agree.

    do a search on this forum for Mike Kobal, he was using a D90 for video stuff with impressive results. neither users recorded audio with the camera so not sure what thas up to ?

    I've been using a panasonic TZ7, a small point and shoot still camera with HD video capabilities.

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    Default film crew using DSLR

    this is a topical issue -- I went to a film set last night to check out how other people are doing things these days -- the camera man had a high-end nikon DSLR -- the sound man had a boom microphone hooked up to a separate audio unit he was carrying around in a bag -- it occured to me that all the controls you would want in a video camera are on the DSLR (aperture, focus, etc.) and all the doodads you don't want aren't (digital effects, etc.) -- in other words, recognizing that people are using video editing software to make their movie, all you need from a camera is a) excellent optics, b) manual controls and c) faithful capture -- I forgot to ask what format the video was being captured in

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    mind you, I believe that, at least out of the box, the D90 goes to auto-mode when you shoot video (not too useful if you were looking for the ability to adjust your settings manually)

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