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    I've only ever worked with camera's and always had someone else doing the sound when I've worked on short films, but now I'm working on my own trying to get experience filming Live Music. I just did my first gig using only the mic on the camera (I know, I know...ssshhhh!), which was surprisingly good but, obviously, not quite good enough.

    Currently, I'm thinking about taking a feed strigty off of the P.A. into the camera but I really wouldn't have a clue what to use or where to find it....or even if that's even remotely a good idea!


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    It is common for PA (mixers) to have an output socket suitable for DI (direct injection) into another device, for example another mixer or recording device. However, the signal level may not be suitable for all Cameras as the mixer may be producing "Line" levels and connections using phantom powered XLR devices.

    I concur that using a camera's own mic is probably the least good method, made worse by the distance to the audio source, the unwanted ambiance (echos) in the hall and perhaps the sounds of the audience. There are many examples on YouTube; look for recordings made at school plays by kindly parents.

    Personally (speaking as an amateur and novice), my preference is to record the audio on a separate device; then use standard software to replace the camera's audio. I use a Yamaha AW1600 to record 8 simultaneous tracks, which offers me the option to improve on the stereo sound which the PA engineer considered suitable.

    In the last 10 years, I have noticed a huge shift in quality in the films of professional concerts; with increased credits to post processing by audio and mixing engineers.

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    to get a get a good mix, you do need some ambient noise in the final mix.

    If you can afford a multitrack recorder then buy one and get a link of each feed and remix it in post to get the best possible and most flexible way to do sound in a live environment such as a concert.

    a stereo mix from the desk is also normally good but not as flexible but should give decent results.

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