So lately I've really gotten into the more technical aspect of film making and camera work. I've been working with color correction software, filters, etc etc and I think in order to get the look I want, I need to upgrade my Canon HG21 with a 35mm adapter and lens. I really love the depth of field with 35mm, it's the look I really want to achieve before I start shooting projects I've been working on for awhile now.

My questions are this. Are there any filters or plug ins for Sony Vegas 8.0 that give off the 35mm feel ? I have Magic Bullet and while it does a good job in some aspects, I am unsure if it can help in the depth of field aspect. If so, what settings do you use?

My other question is what should I go with if I do decide to go the 35mm route? I think that the Letus might be a bit out of my pricerange. I was looking at the Encinema kit with this lens ( Canon | Normal EF 50mm f/1.8 II Autofocus Lens | 2514A002 | B&H ) and it's obviously a lot cheaper, but there would be a steeper learning curve to shooting upside down. Is there a steep learning curve to shooting in 35mm? Is it even practical to shoot everything in 35mm ?

I am working with a Canon HG21 and plan to purchase a manfrotto fluid head tripod and an external microphone within the next month (my first external gives off a terrible hissing sound). I have a Core i7 editing setup with 2 TB of hard drive space and 9gb of ram and use Sony Vegas 8.0 primarily. I output my videos to 720p high quality .mp4 format.