Lighting for video can be expensive, but with the new LED white lights now available every where, I found a solution that didn't need any real effort, and whats more it was cheap!

The results speak for themselves..

[ame=""]YouTube - Cheap Video Lighting[/ame]

[ame=""]YouTube - Demo of my cheap LED Video Lighting used with my Traveler HD 10X Camcorder[/ame]

One more thing, I am interested in seeing what other HD camcorders are capable of, so here is a link of an image to print out onto a A4 sheet of paper..

After sticky taping it to a wall, please video it with out any aid of stabilisation, and the aim is to video the contrasting black and white lines all the way to the centre, once you have your best recording, upload it to your favourite website, and then post a link to it here in this thread..

Err~here is my initial result, using a cheap Traveler HD 10X Camcorder, its a low end HD camcorder only capable of 1280X720p resolution

[ame=""]YouTube - HD Challenge[/ame]

Thanks, Good Luck and cheers to all..

Peter J Schoen..