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Thread: Sony Vegas pro 9 editing teqhniques?

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    Default Sony Vegas pro 9 editing teqhniques?

    Hi guys,

    Just purchased a Sony Vegas pro 9, and wanted to learn some more editing techniques. I found this vid on youtube which I loved:

    [ame=]YouTube - New Moon - Piano / Dedicated to LeighHeni[/ame].

    Do you know which teqhniques she used to create the small white flashes in between the clips, and how the character's faces in some places get's multiplied?

    Thanks in advance ^^

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    Well you could drag the top right corner of the beginning of each clip say 5 frames to create a transition, then change it to a white dissolve or flash. But probably the easiest way would be to put a solid white background on a lower track, then keep a small gap between each clip (which is obviously on the track above). To multiply the images, put the same clip above the main clip, then lower the opacity to see through it, and experiment with crop and pan. I notice that they've zoomed in slightly, and changed the colour to emphasise. You can also use a mask if you want a specific part of the clip only.

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    Thank you so much! Gonna try it out ^^

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    Way OT I know but ... What a horrible video! Those flashes on EVERY top line note played by the piano really detract from what could have been good. Made it far too busy IMO. Editing for editing sake rather than sympathetic to the music.

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    OK used for effect at the start, but then got really tedious.

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