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Thread: Awesome HD detail boost!!!

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    Default Awesome HD detail boost!!!

    I'm so excited about this that I just have to post about it...

    I've been using -1 sharpness (and -1 contrast) on my camcorder (Canon HF100) for a while, but I just thought this evening to see what the difference is in more detail... (all footage was shot progressive)

    (MIDDLE: default camcorder settings, RIGHT: -1 sharpness, LEFT: -1 sharpness, plus minimal sarpness in post)

    Full frames...

    -1 sharpness + minimal sharpness in post. alue)%20in%20post.jpg

    -1 sharpness

    Default camcorder...

    I was amazed when I saw the results.

    I know I shouldn't fuss about quality, but this detail boost is certainly a welcome discovery! It might be useful for other people to know.

    What's happening here is (I think), the camcorder is applying a silly enhance filter, and at -1 sharpness it's disabled. When sharpened with a superior filter in post, there's more detail.

    Anyone else got some good theories?

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    WOW...I don't actually see how thats possible but...yeah...nice find.

    You seam to be good with all of this sharpening stuff don't you?

    what would happen if you apply a very fine blur the the left images? i think it may slightly remove some of the jagured edges a little bit. still...NICE

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