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Thread: Will more memory help?

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    Default Will more memory help?

    Curious.........and don't laugh!

    I have a Compaq 933MHz PIII, with 256MB (trust me, I will never buy one again but I'm stuck with it for awhile). Anyway, I've had good luck editing and burning 8mm, Dig8, and VHS. What I'd like to know is what are my best "value" options for improving the video editing tasks of this pc? Will another 256MB help, or will the 933MHz hold me back?
    I'm looking to upgrade to MyDVD 6.0, and they thought add'l memory would help. Is that accurate?

    Thx in advance!!

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    It's normally the most cost effective upgrade if you doin't have uch RAM.
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    Default More memory follow-up

    Just curious.........I've gone ahead and doubled my memory, so I'm now up to 512MB, I can add another 256MB (128MB per 2 slots left). Knowing my cpu is 933Mhz, will I really notice any performance enhancement going from 512MB to 640MB? to 768MB?

    Haven't tried it yet, but will memory help with the many dropouts I had when transferring VHS to computere?

    PS. I have a GeForce2 GTS, which, according to pcpitstop, clocks at 146MP/s (million pixels per sec). I believe its 32MB memory. Should I look to improve this, or again, does my cpu limit the effect of upgrading here?

    Thanks Marc for all the info you provide!

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    It's probably unlikely any dropped frames will be reduced by any more RAM. Analogue capture and conversion is fairly CPU intensive so it's really the CPU that's central here.

    That being said, your hard drive is also a bottleneck, so make sure you keep your disks regularly defragged and certainly defrag before capture. Also make sure your discs aren't almost full as this will also drop performance below optimal.

    You *may* get better results from adding another hard drive for dedicated capture than adding more RAM. This is more anecdotal than scientifc reasoning by the way!
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    I do currently have a 160GB used just for video capture and editing. Defrag not a problem there. Obviously, I need to eventually upgrade my 933MHz but I need extra cash for that puppy.

    Will buying a graphics card having, say 128MB, improve anything? Or, should I spend the $50 towards more RAM for now?

    Know what you mean by anecdotal, which is why I'm drawing from your experience to get by with as little expense as possible.


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    The graphics card will have absolutely no effect on your current setup. I'd say more RAM won't fix the problem. I used to achieve perfect capture on a PIII 600 using a TV card be ensuring the drives were in tip top shape (easiest way to do this is simply do a fresh install of windows!) and encoding to MPEG1 "on the fly" using VCD settings.
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