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Thread: Rendering taking too long- How to speed it up? (Sony Vegus movie)

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    Default Rendering taking too long- How to speed it up? (Sony Vegus movie)

    How can i speed up my Rendering in Sony Vegus Movie 8? It takes ages to render videos, going from 0%, 1%, 2%...99%, 100% etc.

    Is it related to computer memory Ram?

    Does increasing computer RAM speed up Render speed?

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    I assume that you're refering to exporting your video. Encoding is a CPU intensive operation and reliant in the processing power of your CPU. What are the specs of your machine, what format are you editing, and what is the output format? All of these will have an impact on the speed of encode.

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    Not ALL that I write below will be pertinent to your situ, but please pick out the meat that makes sense for you - others are reading this

    Quote Originally Posted by Entry View Post
    Is it related to computer memory Ram?
    In an word - YES. But how it is related to RAM is more to the point.

    Quote Originally Posted by Entry View Post
    Does increasing computer RAM speed up Render speed?
    In another word - YES. My render times have moved more and more towards real time, as I have upgraded with a faster CPU+RAM. And this is the clue.

    The 2 things that speed up Render times:

    A] Possibly a faster CPU and BUT now more more CPUs: QUADS!

    B] Faster PLUS an amount of RAM suitable for your operating system and which flavour of Vegas you have: 32-bit or 64-bit.

    The 2 things that slow down Render times:

    A] Complex Special Effects working on mixed media of various resolutions

    B] Special Effects that span over the whole of the Project

    The 3 remedies that counter tardy render times:

    A] Audit your PC with an eye to upgrading RAM and CPU speeds and a move towards 64-bit

    B] Audit your workflow to reduce unnecessary Fxs and positively include already pre-rendered sections that in themselves may have nested veggies

    C] Make sure you render all your work firstly to the native format of your media (yes I know we can use a multiplicity of formats! Let's keep this simple huh?) and produce a stable, if not uncompressed, a further useful and editable AVI. This will improve render times at more than real time rendering speeds.

    My history was from a Dell Laptop working on "Windoze Mausoleum" to a tower PC with interim updates to that tower. This was taken in 4 major upgrades. At each upgrade I saw at least 4-fold reduction in render times and an unbelievable improvement in Preview frame rates. This latter was and remains the most important part for my workflow and creativity.

    What you don't necessarily need to bother yourself with is Graphics card size or speed of its RAM. Presently Vegas doesn't use it, and has remained a contentious issue with many Vegas users. There are counters to this, and that is that this makes Vegas "hardware-agnostic". Having said that, and as Vegas has become more and more complex, it IS becoming noticeable that as I have improved the spec of my machine - CPU+RAM Speeds - so, in my opinion, Vegas IS hardware agnostic but it does require CPU(QUADS)+RAM speed upgrades, and now latterly system: 32-bit to 64-bit the argument has become a little more finer and the answer more complex. However Vegas does fly when given its head!

    NB: I've edited the above to take into account the major effect I've had with QUADS. Although possessing a lower CPU speed, 2.6ghz than my single Pentium 4, 3.2ghz, my QUAD was/is, comparatively blisteringly faster.
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