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    Talking FINDING HELL trailer

    Hi, this is the trailer of my first short film "Finding Hell", that I'm post-producing it now and I'd like finalize for Christmas. I hope you like it.

    "Finding Hell" is a War/fantastic story rife with action and visual effects. Here also a small making off of some of its effects.

    I'm new to the forum and I am Spanish, so do not control is very good and my English is poor, sorry if you do not understand me.


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    EEErrrrrmmmmm; I suppose blown away, would be a bad choice of words.

    Impressive Dude LOVED IT, has to be the best yet I have seen on this forum.

    LOVED IT!!!!!! what more can I say..!

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    Wow, the sfx video is very impressive, I tend to watch them more now than the actual movies they come from. The trailer for the movie is very good but I was looking for something explosive at the end, the credits come in too early and could have been left to the very end. Just one scene of something spectacular happening that will make the audience go 'HOLY S**T', I wasn't expecting that. Unfortunately audiences have come to expect that from this type of genre of movie now, you need that knock out punch at the end.

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    That was incredible. That is 100% professional. People wouldn't be able to understand how a simple movie can be so hard to produce. Thanks for the extra visual effects clip. What program did you use to edit?

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    Talking Thanks...

    Thank you all.

    I use Premiere for edit, AfterEffects for compocicion and 3Dmax for the Visual Effects.

    I'm making alone the short film and not going so fast that I like. I had many actors, but the technic team am only me and is too much work for only one person, but is my story and therefore is my problem... Is a amateur work, maybe a little crazy.

    Nikosony... this is just the teaser trailer, I made this with the first secuences I finish, when I have more material will do the "official tralier", more shocking.

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