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    Hi. I've been a youtuber for a while and when I came here I learned about this Vimeo site. I decided to register there, but first I want to ask Vimeo users, what are the diferences between YouTube and Vimeo and what exactly I can and cannot put on Vimeo. Thank you
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    unlike pootube vimeo are relaxed when it comes to unlicensed music use ie, anything goes

    for general rules and regs you'll have to read the smmall print, but, i guess porn, violence etc will be frowned upon.

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    Is it true that I can put only my own creations.... for example no game footage, no downloaded videoclips and so on...only what I made by myself right?

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    I used Vimeo a while back and I thought it was good but if you are looking for viewers then Youtube is the one to go for. I think there was a discussion on this forum too about it that Vimeo doesn't have the online presence that Youtube has. I'm not a fan of using other people's work, that they spent months crafting to get just right and for someone else to come along and edit it and claim it is something new.

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    Interesting... Anyway, in the past I was making game videos, tributes to some tv shows or movies and some simple stuff with my camera and I was uploading everything to YouTube. But now I want to make something more... something better..something more artistic and longer (in duration)...I want to film movies by myself with actors, script and so on... and I did. But at this time I'm not able to produce my own music. So I wanted to find a site where I could put my work and do not worry much about copyrighted music issues and when I found Vimeo, I thought that this site would be perfect....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pistukas View Post
    But at this time I'm not able to produce my own music. So I wanted to find a site where I could put my work and do not worry much about copyrighted music
    That's easily solved whilst remaining within the spirit and the letter of various copyright laws.
    There's a wealth of royalty free music on the internet which is either free or free for non-commercial use. And plenty of it is usable - and some very good indeed. Most only require a credit on your film (some don't even require that).
    Take a look at the "Pimp the Link" section on this site.
    Some examples:
    Bill Cushman's piano music. And (Kevin MacLeod) is a fantastic source. has a small but growing collection of classical pieces.

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    For the raw look of a video I would say Vimeo wins hands down, as you may know youtube are now being highly restrictive in what you upload, basically it has become a vloggers paradise. Any real video producer will struggle to answer all the issues related to copyright material in the uploading section.

    I am not sure how strict Vimeo is, my guess they will follow suite, the only cover they have is their market share is tiny compared to youtube.

    For a insight into this peruse a website called tubemogul, and look at the users in the market place, with some you will see they upload to various online video sites. Then you will see youtube holds out a huge percentage of the viewership, often around 90%.

    When it comes to interface I feel the classic youtube page is the best, uncluttered and easy to navigate, of late the new channels brought in my youtube have many looking for another place to play video, I feel by bringing in this change will cause many to leave youtube.

    At this time youtube is still totally free, not sure how much longer this will remain.
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    I use the paid Vimeo service to host my videos. And that's really all I use it for. I like the simple interface and the ability to password protect videos. I honestly don't think you can compare it to YouTube. They're very different beasts.

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