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Thread: Need camera advice (1000 budget)

  1. Default Need camera advice (1000 budget)

    Hey everyone, ive been playing round with an old video camera of mine for a couple of weeks now and been really enjoying it and ive decided i would like to invest in a really nice camera and get into video editing. Im a complete newbie when it comes to this so im hoping to get some advise from some of you guys.

    So my budget is about 1000 tops. I cant really say what ill be using the camera for as im not entirely sure yet. To begin with ill most likely be doing a wide variety of shots and just trying to find my own style. I would prefer a larger camera as i have quite big hands

    Your advise would be much appreciated in which camera to get and also which video editing software? Im guessing sony vegas pro is the one to go for but i havent done a whole lot of research on other software that some of you might use.

    Look forward to hearing back from you guys..

    Cheers, Harry.
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