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Thread: Basic video editing query - can I crop clips

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    Default Basic video editing query - can I crop clips

    Being a newb to video editing please forgive the basic question...

    A digital image can be cropped using any basic graphics program eg photoshop etc.

    Is it possible to crop a segement of video, for example if I have unwanted people in my shot and want to remove them?



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    Yes, however, the resolution of video is fixed according to the recording and / or delivery mechanism. If you crop a video, you need to subsequently expand this to the orginal frame size, maintaining the aspect ration. In this case, you will essentially reduce the quality of the video.

    So the answer is yes, but you will lose quality if you don't want a section of black video.

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    It also depends on where the 'unwanted people' are located in a shot. At the edge shouldn't be a problem as Marc suggested above but if they are in the middle or they are throughout the shot it will be impossible to get rid of them. You could have a black background and do a CSI style screen set up where you have 2 or 3 smaller clips playing over the black section showing related scenes.

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    Thanks for the answers guys, I am guessing that the actual task of cropping the clip is done through whatever piece of video editing software you are using?

    I have Powerdirector 7 Ultra but it seems this cant be done, but reading up I see perhaps version 8 can do it?

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