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Thread: Crossfade problem, pls help!

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    Unhappy Crossfade problem, pls help!

    Hey all!

    I just got Sony Vegas 8 and don't know much things about it, but I noticed something. When I try to use cross-fade the program doesn't play the crossfaded part properly. It's clogging and only shows pictures. According to the system requirements my computer should be able to run the program. I don't know what to do!

    Please help me! I would really like to use the program!

    Thank you,

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    My guess is it's only "clogging" in the preview window. Have you tried rendering?

    Using the preview is a balance between quality of picture (which you want when you're fine editing colours, contrast, titles etc) and speed of response (when you want to check your timing etc)

    Change the preview quality to "Preview - Auto" or even draft to get a better idea of the timing.

    To get a real idea of what the finished section will be like, you could do a RAM preview of the section or render the section to a new track.

    Is your footage AVCHD or HDV or MPEG or DivX? The higher the compression the more work the system has to do to create a preview.

    If this is just standard def avi footage (straight from a MiniDV camera) and there are no effects, just the crossfade and your PC meets the specs, this points to problems with your PC. Defragment your hard disk. Make sure you have plenty of spare disk space.

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    Agree with Tim. Either lower your preview quality, or try a RAM preview. (click the timeline, and drag the area that you want to preview, then hit Shift+B on the keyboard) You may need to adjust the amount of RAM Vegas uses in Tools/Preferences.

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    Thank you so much. It works with the RAM preview.

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