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Thread: Pepsi-Rockband's "Best Rock Band Video" Entry

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    Default Pepsi-Rockband's "Best Rock Band Video" Entry

    hey you guys!

    so pepsi and rockband had this contest "best rock band video." i decided -since i love green day so much- to dedicate something to them and one of my favorite songs off their album, "21 guns." here is my entry. it didn't get nominated. WATEVER. but i didnt want it to go to waste so enjoy!

    Pepsi - Rock Band - Watch Video

    i am a completely amateur video editor and director. i still use window's movie maker for goodness sake! haha. but let me know your thoughts. and i hope its constructive. haha.

    p.s. sorry for the cheesiness of the video. i had to both promote pepsi and rock band. plus i wanted it to have some humor. i couldn't even throw this on youtube cuz it has the green day copyrighted song so once again, ENJOY.

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    I thought it was pretty good. I really like the part when you guys were playing on the railroads. The only thing I think you may need more work on than anything else is the lighting. Some scenes were either too dark or too bright.

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