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Thread: Documentary of Acadia National Park

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    Default Documentary of Acadia National Park

    Earlier this summer I shot a short documentary of the scenery at Acadia National Park on the HVX with the red rock adaptor. I hope you enjoy any feedback would be helpful.

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    I enjoyed watching that very much. It seemed a well thought out film with some superb shots.
    It veered towards perhaps too much emphasis on the 35mm adapter, but then if it was intended partially as a demonstration of that one can hardly complain.

    Something to watch out for in the future: In a couple of places you cut to/from a moving pan or tilt to a static shot. This is generally to be avoided (let the pab/tilt come to a stop before cutting) but in this type of film, where you're filming scenery rather than action, it really does create a "jolt".

    The music was far from what one might normally expect with this type of shoot. It was a brave choice which I think worked really well.

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