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Thread: BMP to AVI sequence

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    Question BMP to AVI sequence

    I'm in need of finding what will do the following

    I have a series of timelapse bitmap images @ about 1MB ea
    shot with the view of replaying the sequence at 25 fps

    to get the jerkyness out of the final uncompressed avi
    I want to dissolve (and or) cross fade between each image.
    as one dissolve is finishing the next is beginning etc

    Oh, one other thing
    the camera shot in portrait mode
    I have rotated the images to 480x720 - a size and shape that I want to keep as the final output

    I have tried quickly with the following on either of my two dual socket machines
    A 694x @ 1GB ea and a K8 with dual 2.2 Opterons and x64
    Sony Vegas seems locked to television standards
    Cinema Craft
    Corel seems locked to television standards
    a number of slideshow thingys

    Being able to batch the transitions between the 2000 images would be good,
    getting the transitions to run as fast as possible to be in the 25 fps ball park
    and or
    have the final run at a higher framerate like 60fps to keep play(out)-time down

    And because I am in the computer world I would like to keep the progressive scan in the final

    When the avi is made I will then run it through an mpeg4 encoder (seperate job)

    I have avisynth, the gimp, virtualdub installed around the place

    importing the 2000 images is fraught with problems as the string ends up too long to be able to import them all at once (and directory depth)
    some of the software have mixed the sequence up and have no adjustment after that - than delete, then find the image and insert (pain)

    All sugestions please including a script I could insert?

    Thanks for your time

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    standard pal video is 25fps so there is no need to have a crossfade in between if your want to display the images at 25fps.

    from within premiere pro you can specify you own video dimensions by going into the advanced settings, i don't know how it is in sony vegas but have a look around. look for desktop editing or something like that.

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    If we start talking standard PAL then I would be locked to 576i

    My output is not for standard defintion television broadcast.
    If they wanted to use it they can convert off my Mpeg4 to their interlaced standard.

    No, I want to stay in the computer world - where there is no need to have frame rates of 29.97 fps - just because the audio harmonics interfare with the vision if run at 30fps. That is silly stuff.
    As we all move on into a digital world away from the silly fps of analogue Tv, we should all embrace working and viewing in pure digital.
    If you were to quote HDTV to me, then that too is a television standard with quality limits. The computer world allows me to encode content with quality way above those television standards.

    What I have so far found in editing software - if you use images then most sofware editors have settings that allow you to pause that image - not to have it fly by at a twenty fith of a second. I think the smallest I have found is .2 - about a quarter of a second. Thus my 25 fps falls to 4 fps - not quite the smooth flowing image that standard PAL can provide.

    Now you can see my need for the crossfade and replay speed increase.

    Of that software I said I had tried - I have also uninstalled them (trial versions)
    I have been at "this avi" now for about a month

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