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Thread: Good quality Lavalier mic

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    Can anyone recommend a good quality but not overly expensive lavalier microphone and tie clip on for some close up interview stuff I require.

    Or is a boom pole a better way to go?


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    I prefer using a boom pole where every possible or a hand held mic. i personally think that the sound sounds mores relistice. it's kindof hard to explain. i only use a lapel if it's lets say a chat show of some sort.

    Remember you can clip them onto the camera but this doesn't always give acceptiable results
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    Cheers - it'll be indoors so may go for the clip tie approach

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    Do you have xlr inputs (more importantly, do you have phantom power) or is it a 3.5mm socket?

    Also, what sort of budget are you looking at?

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    Sorry for the late reply - it a 3.5mm socket and I have gone for the Audio Technica lavalier so thanks for the advice, as my budget wasn't huge!! I have some interviews coming up so will find out how they all operate then ....

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