You've probably heard this a million times-and I do apologise for that-but I've scoured the web and have yet to find anything helpful in this regard.

My questions pertain to the set up of a video editing machine running either Sony Vegas Pro 9 or Avid Media Composer, as in what would the best set up be? My primary concern is editing 4k content from the Red One camera, although I have no intention of editing in real time, so there would be no need for the Red Rocket Card.

It occurs to me that neither of these programs are very GPU intensive and as such, would it be more prudent to invest in more CPU cores? 8 cores, 16 cores, if money isn't a factor what's the most these programs can take advantage of? Same with ram, what's the maximum amount that can be utilised?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated and I must apologise again for such a tiresome topic.