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  1. Default Wedding web site

    I just made by myself my website, and i need to improve
    I'd like to receive comments about it.
    thanks a lot

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    Hi Joel,

    Well I think you just want your ego massaging LOL (I mean that in a good way), I like the site, very good indeed.

    I like going straight into your portfolio, very powerful and captivating. Showing the quality of your work; right from the very start, very good pre-selling.

    From a web optimization point of view, the landing page on the route of the url: site/blog not so good.

    As Google likes content, loves it infact; would go as far to say worships it. Google finds its hard to catalogue pages this way.
    More textual content you can give the better, and your robot/spider txt and sitemap XML need to be configured.

    It's ok having a wonderful site, if no one can find it organically all that effort has gone to waste.

    If you can; I would sub-domain your site, to url:w w and url:w w
    this is more search engine friendly, and configure them separately.

    Then I looked at the coding and found that it was all done in flash. Google struggles with website made in flash, as it can't read the content. If you want high page ranking within Google, you need to address web optimising issues.

    Other then that great site

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    Well joel if you'd like to improve your site have some inspiration from the top wedding websites in SEs. I'm sure they'll be giving you millions of ideas to work and formulate.

    My personal blog can help you too. weddingseoblog(dot)com

    Goodluck to you.
    Celebrate your precious moments and collect the best wedding favors to have a perfect wedding.

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