I have a demo reel of 3d work i would like to show to potential employers
640 by 480.......29.97....... ( .MOV - H264)........fileSize 550mb

Problem #1- a data disk with the file on it wont work cause ive tested it and the video skips on other computers that arent mine using quicktime pro and windows media player( works fine on my pc )

Problem #2 - If i encode the file to an MPEG2 then burn a DVD disk the video size ( 640 by 480 ) is stretched and looks pixelized cause DVDs play full screen automaticly.

Question??? whats the best way to get a 640 by 480 video to play from an authored/burned DVD without it getting streched across
the whole screen thus pixelizing it. I wanna insert the dvd into any computer with a dvd player and have the video play in 640 by 480 by pressing play from the dvd menu ive authored.