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Thread: which software package next???

  1. Question which software package next???

    i've been using pinnacle studio ultimate now for a few years and have realized that it is simply not offering the effects that i would like. i guess, i've grown out of pinnacle but i'm not sure where to go from here?

    should i go for adobe premiere or sony vegas super duper ultimate or whatever??? are they both equally as big programs or is adobe kicking some butt?

    i'm very keen to encode my finished movies with the h264 codec only cause i've heard such good things about it. am always open for opinions on both topics

    thanks in advance!!
    win7 Ultimate 64bit /// 2 x 24" LG Monitors /// Intel Core i7 920 with Xigmatek HDT-S1283 /// ASUS P6T WS PRO /// 12gigs of OCZ Gold XTC Triple Channel 6x2gig DDR3 1333MHz PC12800 /// XFX Nvidia GTX 260 core 216 /// Corsair TX750W /// Cooler Master 690 /// HDD Total = 4.5 TB

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    Software is personal choice, it depends on what you like. All I can suggest is download the trial version of each software. Then go and have a play with them, get a feel for how they work. Also it depends how big your pocket is too, as some of thie software can be in there hundreds.

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