I am new to this forum so please bear with me while I explain my problem.
Product: EasyCap Ulead Video Studio SE 10.0
Problem: I can capture the video but not the sound.
Details: Product installed ok on Asus G2 laptop.
My camcorder is recognised as USB 2861 Device and not a Sony TRV65E.
My options for capturing the sound are (a) USB EMP Audio Device or (b) my built in web cam mic Microphone Realtek Hi Def.

If I use the built in mic obviously I will capture any ambient sounds in my room while I am capturing the video. The video captures fine. If I used the USB EMP Audio Device the capture process crashes.

I have looked on the internet for some answers and it shows in the Device Manager the device Easycap Video is installed but on my machine running Vista I have the two USB devices 2861 and EMP audio installed.

Any ideas would be greatly received.