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    I have a sony 610 dvd camera. I recoreded my sons game and finialized the dvd. I want to download and edit dvd and place music to it. I downloaded the trial Sony Architect. Is there something better I should use?

    My problem is when I try to add the footage to the editor I see two VOB files. One is about 6 seconds long and the other is about 4 minutes long. I play the DVD it is 40 minutes long and it all plays. Why can't I get the whole files to appear in the editor software?

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    Hi and welcome,

    DVD Architect is a DVD authoring program. It expects as input already prepared audio & video, sticks a menu on it (if you want), converts files to the right format and burns a DVD. It creates VOBs rather than expects to read them. You can change the audio, but only for the whole video, or add different audio tracks for different languages or for a director's commentary.

    Cutting to the chase, it's the wrong tool for the job. It's a bit like trying to write a book with a printing press.

    I strongly recommend you look at Sony Vegas Movie Studio - also available for a 30 day trial. This is a proper video editing program which will allow you to have up to four video and four audio tracks. And you can cut the audio (and video) to whatever lengths you like, so you can have,say, music, then live sound, then some commentary with music underneath)

    The four video tracks let you superimpose titles, one video over another, add fancy transitions & video effects - but from what I read you don't want to mess with all that now.

    Vegas Movie Studio comes with (or at least on the packaged product it does - you may have to download it separately) DVD Architect Studio. This is a cut down version of the full one and it integrates seamlessly with Vegas Movie Studio. Once you've finished editing your video in VMS, click the "Make DVD" buutton and it'll walk you through it.

    One pointer for you. When you are ready to import the video from your camcorder disc, don't try to copy the VOB files to the timeline. Go File | Import DVD Camcorder Disc - this will convert the VOB files into the audio and video streams that Vegas expects.

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    Thanks much Tim....I will give this a try and if it works for me and can get done what I want I will purchase that software....sounds like what I am looking for.


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