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Thread: What CD-R do you use?

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    Default What CD-R do you use?

    Which CD-R do you use to burn vcds and with which DVD players does it work?


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    Hey Matty:

    I may be able to answer this since I have been burning many VCD disks for my multimedia picture shows that I produce and give to clients. I have been very successful in using many types of media brand but have been staying away from the ones designed strictly for audio. I really do not think it makes much difference however from what I have found.

    Now the difficult part... From what I have discovered, many of today's DVD players have the capability to play VCDs but NOT ALL. The player has to say they can play them. The older model of DVD players are the ones to be most concerned with. I have had very good success with a brand here in the states by the name of APEX. A wopping $35 to $50 unit that really is a throw away if it breaks. Anything I have thrown at it has worked great and even SVCD disks. What I have told my clients is that if your DVD player has information regarding VCD disks, then they should be good to go. I ALWAYS add a disclaimer that I am not responsible for thier players and include an exe. file on which they can play the show in their computer just in case. SO FAR all has been good and only run into 2 DVD players that have not worked and the funny thing was they were mine. :( Needless to say I moved up to the 21st century and purchased two newer units. One multiplayer unit by Sony and the other a cheapy APEX. I also have a Toshiba unit that handles them very well also. I always check my work in both units just to be safe before distributing them. Just completed a 22 copy VCD project for a graduation class. They are extremely happy.

    I hope this helps.

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