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Thread: Audio Sync Problem Ulead Video Studio 8

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    Default Audio Sync Problem Ulead Video Studio 8

    I import video from my Tivo. Audio and video sync is perfect. I edit the video (remove commercials) and as the video clip progresses the audio/video sync gets worse( maybe up to 1 second off). I'm a newbie to this so I don't know if its me or some setting I'm overlooking. If not a setting, is there a way I can correct this within VideoStudio 8??? Really frustrated. Apprecicate your input. Thanks!
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    Check that your project and audio settings are as described in this post Obviously in your case NTSC settings will apply. Pay particular attention to the frame rate, it should be 29.97fps for NTSC as opposed to 30fps. However if your import settings were at 30 then your output settings should also be at 30.

    Good luck

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    Why would any software support capture at 30 fps (serious question)?

    One thing that might be worth checking is Non-drop Frame versus Drop Frame (when capturing NTSC). Drop Frame is used to ensure that NTSC 29.97 fps capture maintains correct SMPTE timing. Otherwise an hour of video is actually 1 hour and 3 seconds. Not sure if this could contribute to the audio sync you experience though.

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