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Thread: Race car & electrical interference

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    Default Race car & electrical interference

    OK, so, a bit of background here.

    A friend of my father's had a tube-bodied Corvette that he likes to race every once in a while. He's got an in-car camera (which consists of a hand-held DV cam that records to SD cards) and an external microphone wired to the camera. He gave me the card in the hopes I could get the video to DVD.

    Being a race car, it is, of course, extremely noisy. To combat that, he wrapped the microphone up in a bunch of those blue shop towels and wrapped it up in racing tape (like duct tape). Worked surprisingly well.

    The problem, however, is that he's getting a ton of EFI from the MSD ignition system, which is pumping out something like 40,000 volts. The camera, unfortunately, is/was placed only about a foot away from said ignition system.

    Are there options to somehow shield the microphone cable from that much EFI, or is it something of a lost cause? I'm a DJ on the side, and the cables we use are shielded, but not from something as powerful as that.

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    I think that it may be a bit of a lost cause with that much interference, but THESE people seem to offer alot of options...

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    I would almost certainly go down the route of adding a seperate ambient audio track. If you want to use the existing footage, I'd record some additional audio from a different source and add that. Editors rarely use the actual car sounds, do they?

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    you could try using lots and lots of tinfoil. i know it work very well to shield audio from interference.

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    I've been battling this problem for a couple of years. I use an Aiptek camera as a recorder, I have a Sony bullet cam and 12v powered microphone hooked up to it. If I sit in the car with the engine off the audio is fine. As soon as I start the car there is a huge amount of ambient noise even though the mic is heavily wrapped and muffled. I was thinking that the amount of input was overdriving the input circuit of the Aiptek. My car is a '99 with stock ignition system, so I didn't think it would put out that much EFI. I'm not really sure what the answer is but I know I've seen lots of race videos that suffer the same problem. It sounds like wind noise but in my case it's not because I get it when the car is stationary.

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    I have recorded video in my racecar for years without issues, my MSD is 4 feet though.
    I have always used the internal mic(s) in the camera(s) and it has worked suprisingly well, the camera(s) auto adjust the levels. Why use an external? Need better sound? Usually the noise inside a racecar is not very "nice", it's nothing like what you hear on the outside.

    Link to one of my in-car videos on Youtube:

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