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    Hi, I'm trying to create an easy workflow to take a finished .mov file and lowers the volume so that it peaks at -12dB. I'll be doing this for many videos in the future, so I want to find some software that will let me add a preset that changes the volume so I can just keep sending my videos in. It would also help if through this same workflow I could export the video with a different resolution.

    The reason I don't export them as -12dB initially is because I need an original 720p HD version with regular volume AND a smaller SD version with the -12dB peak.

    I've been using Compressor through Final Cut Studio to resize the video, but I haven't found a way to alter the volume with Compressor.

    Help is much appreciated!


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    with the compressor, set the threshold to something stupidy high, lets say to +12db and then use the makeup to adjust the volume.

    EDIT: Just though, you could just chage the ratio to ) so nothing would actually get compressed.

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