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    Smile A Few Questions

    Hello all, I am new to using Adobe products(new as in I have 0 experience). I got CS4 Master Suite from my family as a gift for going back to school. My fist question is about Premiere Pro.... I figured out to import videos, music and pictures pretty fast, and i now have a little 3 miute and 30 second video set up. The issue im having with it is when i go to export, i select export media and adobe encoder loads. i select mpeg 2 DVD as my choice(because im trying to set up a slideshow for my family on their projector) and it encodes and i think awesome im done. however when i open the video in windows media player or VLC media player and even realtime i get either pictures and no audio, or i get all audio and no pictures.... any help there would be apreciated. my other question is, is there any books or dvds out there or even online videos that people might suggest on how to learn the basics of of the suite? any help is apreciated, also before i forget, my name is scott and nice to meet you all.

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    also, does anyone have a recomendation for a decent quality on the cheap side digital camera for recording film?

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    it sounds like you are possibly creating seperate audio and video streams. These are used ti author a DVD. if you want to play you DVd on a stand alone player, you will need to create a dvd rather than just export the MPEG2. If not, suggest that you use the adobe media encoder in cs4 to export to wmv.
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    Try this... make sure the orange line is going around the timeline panel. Then click on File->Export->Export to Encore, Encore makes the dvd for you, not APP. It's a two stage process where you create your video in APP and then Export it to Encore, takes a while but might do the job for you. It's mostly automatic but just pay attention to any onscreen messages.

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    Default Thank You Both

    I thank you both for your help i got it working now and i am enjoying the program alot more now :P So once again thank you Marc Peters and Niko Sony.

    Marc Peters, you said to try using a DVD format instead of mpeg2 however on when i looked on the encoders list of options it said mpeg2 dvd. So what are the different choices? If it's something that requires alot of typing im fine with reading an article if you have the link for it.

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    mpeg 2 is the compression format used in dvds. the preset in adobe media converter is ment to give you a decent video without haveing to set the settings but it self. it also gives you 2 files, one audio, one video so that what ever you use to make a dvd, you can have more than one audfio track, i.e. on track being in english, the other in spanish and a comentry is included as well on it's own track. at least that what i think anyway, never really came up with any otehr reason. the normaly mpeg option should give you a single .mpeg or .mpg file.

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    ok. I thank everyone for the information they have shared. I have a new question and didnt think it warranted a new thread since its still related to the same project that i am doing. This is the model and spec on a DVD player that i have set up to a projector we use weekly to show movies:

    Sony DVPFX810 Portable DVD Player with 8in LCD Screen
    Key Features:
    dvd_type: DVD player
    form_factor: Portable
    Display: LCD display
    Display Size: 8 inches
    image_aspect_ratio: 16:9
    Number of Discs: 1
    Playable Disk Types: DVD Video DVD-R DVD-RW DVD+R DVD+RW SACD CD (Audio) CD-R CD-RW
    Playable File Formats: MP3 JPEG
    Model: DVPFX810
    Item Package Quantity: 1
    has_parental_channel_lock: Y
    Color Name: Black

    Ok, so since this will read the blank dvds that i can buy at wal-mart which ill be loading the movie onto what is the format i need to use that the dvd player will recognise? it says mp3 and jpeg but those are not movie formats correct?

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    Mpeg2 is what you need.

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    thank you again

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