I've been looking at this match moving process recently and there is certainly enough to keep you occupied with it. Basically match moving is the insertion of cg elements into moving video where the camera pans or tilts and the inserted object moves in relation to the camera move. You can download a freeware 3d modelling program called Blender 3D version 2.49a the most recent version, you will also need a tracking program, there are two freeware versions available and they are ICARUS v2.07 or Voodoo Camera Tracker 094 beta. And basically what you do is load the scene into one of those, run it and it will track points in the video (make it as short as possible) and then output a file with the data in it.

You can then open this file in a 3D modelling program, Blender isn't the only one and the dots will appear in it. You can then insert 3D text or a complex model.

So what am I looking for... a utility preferably freeware that gives info on the camera that shot the scene. This can be used to make the tracking process much better as you are presented with boxes and dropdown menus that need to be filled in, the more accurate the data the better the outcome.