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Thread: Masking Out of Sync

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    Default Masking Out of Sync

    My name is Kai as you probably noticed, I'm new to these forums
    well anyway I have a question and I'm hoping someone could help me out with it.
    You see, whenever I render a video with Sony vegas the masking I did goes out of sync, no matter how perfect it was before.
    I have a really basic idea of what it is that's causing this problem but I don't know how to solve it so I'd be extremely greatful if someone could give me step by step instructions as to how to fix it.

    Thanks, Kai.

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    Hi! I have the same problem, actually. Anyone can help us?

    The details, as I can give are so. I'm editing a video with my source file at 23.976 fps and my project set to 23.976 fps as well. So I set about to mask a moving object. I do not apply any effect on the clip, but the mask. In each keyframe in the masking window, the mask is perfectly synced. However, after I render the video the mask gets out of sync, and there also occurs some motion lagging, that appears like two frames appearing at the same time.

    I've tried so many things here. I just don't know what to do anymore. I need help!

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