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    I've recently been introduced to marvels of FCP and AE and Cinema 4D.

    This isn't as polished as a lot of the videos on here but i'm keen to keep my editing progression going with some constructive criticism. I try to bring something different to my sports vids rather than action to music but need to improve my execution. with your guys help maybe my next production will be a little more professional looking

    i'm very keen on the rotoscoping animation i put in, as i like the way it looks, just wondering if everyone else does to?

    i tried to get the feeling of what goes through a kiters head when there is no wind... and thoughout the day slowly becomes insane. my last scene was going to be the kiter in a straight jacket but i never got time to do it before he went on the tour. so i had to wrap it up a different way.

    anyway... critique away, with helpful hints

    thanks in advance for watching


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    Different !

    loved the animated magazine bit

    word of warning.... dont post it on youtube with the hendrix tracks, youtube dont like hendrix

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    That was certainly impressive. I really liked the rotoscoping and the other ideas you brought to the party.

    My "concern", such as it is, is who is the video aimed at? It's almost as if you have concept without an audience.

    I'm sure enthusiasts might like a bit of this "artsy" stuff here and there, but primarily they're going to want to see loads of great footage of the tricks Sam plays when conditions are good (far more than non-enthusiasts would want to see.

    To make a film interesting for the non-enthusiast, it really needs to sell the human element. We need interviews that show the passion behind the men and women who indulge in the sport - it needs some sort of documentary element.

    The thirds possible audience might be simply showing it as a "piece of art". This is perhaps the most difficult to achieve and really requires absolute first class technical quality which will probably take a few years to achieve (look at Mike Kobal's work on this forum for an idea of what I'm no about - and he's doing it in a much more controlled environment than the sea)

    A fourth option is to make "promo" films for the sport or for Sam or your kiting group. Here you can allow yourself artistic freedom and include your best shots/ideas, but this really needs to be a musch shorter and much punchier piece.

    As it stands, it's an excellent piece as an excercise in practicing your skills - can't wait to see more.

    And sort of echoing enc's comment about Hendrix, if you're going to be taking this seriously (even as a hobby) you really ought to start building a library of royalty free music and/or obtaining rights to use either well known commercial music and/or involving local composers/groups in joint promotion.

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    i guess at the moment i'm satisfying my increasing interest in both the art and the sport of kiting. you're right about not having a focused audience yet.

    i welcome the thoughtful words of advice as it's given me alot to think about for my next one. regarding the human interest i actually did one called 'wednesday' (on my vimeo channel) which interviews sam, so i kind of got that covered in an earlier vid. i'm in the middle of doing a 7 day piece of work. a video for each day.

    but as i get more involved i want to start polishing the rough edges off my art/hobby/vids.

    i worry about the music rights issues... and i'm investigating local bands to help me have original soundtracks for the future ones.

    thank you for taking the time out to watch and critique it. i only hope i can take it on board and post something which takes this into account next time.

    huge thanks


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    Got some skills, man. Liked the video :p


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