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Thread: Need some expert help with computers for editing

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    Default Need some expert help with computers for editing

    Hello, I have had help before, but now I need some expert-ish help with my issues, of which I will get to in a second.
    First, I am very experienced with editing and I have been doing so, for about 2 years. I am in a pinch, with my program, Sony Vegas Pro 9a, and I am getting slightly upset.
    Here is my Computer and its specs;
    Compaq/HP 6510b Laptop-
    Windows XP SP3
    Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T7300 @ 2GHz
    3 GB of RAM, 778 MHz

    I wish I could tell you guys more, but I don't know how, let me know if you need anything else.
    Anyway I am having problems with Sony Vegas Pro 9a, it pretty much won't let me do too much work on it, in any of my projects, its not slow, it just goes into a error reporting thing after I do anything significant.
    I have been having problems for nearly a 1/2 a year, and it has gotten better, but not good.

    First of all, my first question is, is there anything I can do to make it better?
    Secondly, I know the Sony Vegas Pro 9a specs but it seems that, my laptop fully surpasses these specs and still has problems, well can I say it...WTF!
    Anyway my other question is this, for christmas and my B-Day (2 weeks apart), I need a new computer, not only for editing (obviously), but also, because mine is like 5 years old (I bought it used). I am going to be going HD with my next computer, so I get some better quality, can anyone please recommend a Desktop (no more BS Laptop business), that is under $1K (Preferably MUCH less, more like closer to $500, but I could splurge). I need something to over and beyond, I also need a good new HD capture source like, a Blackmagic Intensity, or something like this Hauppauge HD PVR, so you would have to factor that into the equation also.
    I am good with computers and I understand a lot, but no the really hardcore stuff, and I don't know how to put one together, but maybe I could learn, I KNOW that it is MUCH cheaper to build your own, maybe I could buy the parts and give it to a local store guy that I know well and he could assemble it for me.
    If you have ANY questions what-so-ever, let me know, contacts are below.
    Thanks for the help.



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    May I first point out; you deserve what you get having a Compaq (please don't take that offensively)

    OK Now that we have that over and done with:-

    If you had the PC a while itís possible and (likely) that corruption has creped in.

    Don't be alarmed; it happens to all of us, just that electronic equipment is fickle and combine that with moving parts (hard drive). Well spells out one word CORRUPTION, this might not be the cause but if you haven't maintained your PC then its first course of action.

    You have two choices reinstall (easy choice) Sony Vegas Pro 9a (I don't use this prog, so won't know its wobbles) that might solve the issue for you, as the drivers it uses might have got corrupted. The re-install will re-write the correct drivers back intact.

    OK, this next bit I would strongly recommend: As this will put you on a level playing field.

    Would be to wipe and clean (reinstall windows) the system or restore from backup (factory setting)

    This is the less likely approach YOU wanna take as it involves the most work. As you need to backup all your data first, can be problematic if you don't know what you are doing. This method is more effective as you know that its a clean system. This would involve; restoring the system back to factory setting. You MUST backup your data, as this is destructive and will wipe data stored in partition. This is the best method, some systems let you just do windows as a partial restore. I think that a full restore is better in this instance.

    If you don't have a system backup; then its a manual approach which is a lot of work.


    1) backup date

    2) Format C:

    3) Install windows

    4) Install latest hardware drivers, Plus windows updates and latest service pack.

    5) Install Software

    6) Move backed up data, Back in correct locations

    The system will work fine from here; the only other problems might be hardware limitations/faults, but check this first, as you might be just fine. IF you have updated your editing program i.e. Sony Vegas, the new software might be asking for resources you haven't got. But you did say itís the same version that you have used 2 years ago. Let me know how you get on, as I say this is the first approach to resolving your problem. Its always best to refresh your system like this every year, I have just done this on my pc. Think of it like a spring clean, having a good old sort out.

    There are other stuff; like known issues with Sony Vegas you might have hit a wall, where these known issues kick in. For instance you might have started with longer film times, you've only done editing on work that was below 30min, now you are doing work at 60mins. So the symtoms are kicking in, as I say I don't use Sony Vegas (yet) so these issues arn't a problem with me. It's worth having a look at how you are using the system, is it different from say 6 months ago. However there are lots of people on here that use Sony Vegas who can point out the software issues. So if you are using Vegas differently then its worth putting up a post, with these issues detailing whats happerning.

    I will answer your new pc in another post.
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    Thanks for getting back to me so fast. Actually I just made a long post and then pressed submit, and something went wrong, therefore I'm kinda annoyed right now.

    Anyway, I thank you for the advise, and actually I wish I could do more, but all I can do is say thanks, but to be honest I have already, done my spring cleaning twice since the beginning of this year, and it has done nothing, maybe a little more speedier when it comes to using other programs, but vegas seems to hate me. I have actually used Sony Vegas 7, 7b, 7c, 8, 8b, 8c, 9, and now 9a, and probably changed my version and build of vegas, 30 times. But it seems to never work.

    But on a good note, I am excited to see what you have in store for my Desktop.

    Please remember I am looking to use the Intensity Pro by Blackmagic, or the Hauppauge HD PVR, you can decide which is better, and which you will use, personally I think the Hauppauge HD PVR, is better, because its much more user friendly.

    And I am looking to keep it much under a grand and preferably closer to half a grand.

    Thanks for the help again.

    P.S.-I was more looking to starting a new computer life anyway, I wasn't intending on keeping my laptop, with vegas, just the idea of editing with a laptop sounds stupid.


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    I wrote this before you placed your post and didn't post mine lol,

    If its all clean, then it might be a hardware issue, if you know any techy people get them to do a memory test. Its possible that a memory module has failed some where, it is an old machine and at that age they do tend to fail. Its really hard to say where I am sitting as I can't run any tests. Then again it could be Vegas having wobbles and I can't help you there, as I have mentioned already.

    Are you having a laugh when you say "more like closer to $500" if your not having a laugh, you must be in cuckoo land or something.

    OK, you look around and see the average computer is around $700, you can get something for that even $500 for that matter.
    The average computer is for average use internet, office software, average gaming etc.

    When you say you want to video editing; that then takes you out of average and places you in high end, you need processing power. Video editing is quite resources hungry and you are asking the computer to do a lot for you. So I would rethink your budget: I am at the moment building a new PC, I am spending more than $500 on just the Main board and Processor, and video editing is just a hobby for me. So if you buy a PC for a $1000 I would say that it will soon date on you, and may not deliver exactly what you expect.
    So do yourself a favor; and invest a bit more and reap the rewards, in trouble free and stress free video editing. Use the correct tools for the right job, you don't have to get the pro stuff, just good consumer equipment. I suggest between $1500 -$2000 will get you a great system, as they say 'You get what you pay for'. If you can't afford it now, then at least save up and invest in a great system.

    Is it a professional machine or hobby and what type of work will you be doing on the PC. What Software are you planning to use on the system, which operating system do you want? Am more then happy to put a spec together for you but please understand the points I have made.

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    Well, I will let you and everyone else in on, what I do.

    I make halo 3 montages, usually $100/montage, and 1.5 months/montage.

    I use Vegas, Sony ACID, Photoshop CS4, and Particle Illusion and later I want to get After Effects, 3D Maya, and maybe a couple other programs.

    I capture my video straight off my TV via a capture source, so I think the HD PVR I mentioned earlier will be the one I buy.

    Other things I have on Laptop right now, are things like iTunes, VLC Player, and Google Sketchup.

    Well, I would think its more of a hobby than a profession, but you can decide, do you want to see some of my work?

    OSs'-Hmmmm, I have only worked with XP, as long as I have known what a computer is, so could you please explain to me, how hard it would be to switch to Vista, or 8? And or, would it be more benefital to just go to 64-bit? I have no clue what this stuff is.

    Thanks for the help, BTW, I thanked u earlier.


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