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Thread: Need Help...4 weeks is all I got

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    Exclamation Need Help...4 weeks is all I got

    Hello everyone,
    This is my first post ever on this forum, but I don't think I know anywhere else to turn, and I'm not actually sure if I'm in the right section.

    Well, for starters my name is Toni and I was hoping to create a video using still images that I have compiled and plant them in a video that is already created.

    The plan is to put my face along with others faces in place of the faces that are in the video that I already have.

    Is there any program I should/could use to do that, and if so, is it a hard thing to do.

    Thank you in advanced to all those who reply.

    I really hope you can help me out.

    Yours Truly

    Toni Khoury.

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    Hi Toni,

    Welcome to the Forum!

    Am I correct to assume you want to put stills of faces, over moving video?

    If so, it can be done quite easily in programs like Sony Vegas, Adobe Premier/after effects, or Apple Final Cut/motion/shake.

    Do you have any of these?

    Some of them can be downloaded free as a trial version if not.

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    Thank you for the fast reply.

    That is exatly correct!

    What would be the best program to use, if I were to choose one of those for a free trial?

    Thanks again.

    PS. would you happen to have a Tutorial I can read, or is it easy enough to search over the internet, because I haven't had much success finding anything like that through google.

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    It;s basic stuff if I understand you right. Take your video layer and put it at the bottom of the layer pile. PLace you still image of a face onthe layer above it and simply keyframe it;s position to be where you want it as the video runs.

    Of course, if you intend to motion track the otriginal video and automate the job then you'll need different s.w perhaps.

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    if you want to motion track it then you can use adobe after effects.

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