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Thread: Sony Vegas 8 Pro Error. Need Help Fast.

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    Unhappy Sony Vegas 8 Pro Error. Need Help Fast.


    I am a frequent user of sony vegas and never had a problem with it before except this once. when i open my file and it loads, before it fully finishes loading i get this message come up:

    An Error Occured During The Current Operation
    an exception has been made.

    Options to click: ok / details.

    Ok = Closing Sony Vegas.

    Details =

    Sony Vegas Pro 8.0
    Version 8.0c (Build 260)
    Exception 0xC0000005 (access violation) READ:0x2BFC00 IP:0x724073BD
    In Module 'MSVCR80.dll' at Address 0x723F0000 + 0x173BD
    Thread: VideoCache ID=0xE08 Stack=0x767D000-0x7680000
    EAX=1c5cfc20 CS=001b EIP=724073bd EFLGS=00010216
    EBX=002bfc00 SS=0023 ESP=0767d778 EBP=0767d780
    ECX=00000028 DS=0023 ESI=002bfc00 FS=003b
    EDX=00000000 ES=0023 EDI=1c5cfc20 GS=0000
    Bytes at CS:EIP:
    724073BD: 66 0F 6F 06 66 0F 6F 4E f.o.f.oN
    724073C5: 10 66 0F 6F 56 20 66 0F .f.oV f.
    Stack Dump:
    0767D778: 00001400
    0767D77C: 00000000
    0767D780: 0767D7B0 07580000 + FD7B0
    0767D784: 72407476 723F0000 + 17476 (MSVCR80.dll)
    0767D788: 1C5CFC20 1C310000 + 2BFC20
    0767D78C: 002BFC00
    0767D790: 00001400
    0767D794: 124C9038 11CD0000 + 7F9038
    0767D798: 00000000
    0767D79C: 39A454A2 39A30000 + 154A2 (vfplugs.dll)
    0767D7A0: 002BFC00
    0767D7A4: 1C5CFC20 1C310000 + 2BFC20
    0767D7A8: 0000009C
    0767D7AC: 0767D8B4 07580000 + FD8B4
    0767D7B0: 18121508 17AB0000 + 671508
    0767D7B4: 39A41B95 39A30000 + 11B95 (vfplugs.dll)
    > 0767D7D4: 39ADBA60 39A30000 + ABA60 (vfplugs.dll)
    > 0767D824: 01A822BB 01860000 + 2222BB (vegas80k.dll)
    0767D828: 0000009D
    0767D82C: 124C9038 11CD0000 + 7F9038
    0767D830: 5AAD74F5 5A8E0000 + 1F74F5
    0767D834: 00000000
    > 0767D894: 0186454D 01860000 + 454D (vegas80k.dll)
    0767D898: 5C79E9DD 5C560000 + 23E9DD
    0767D89C: FFFFFFFE
    0767D8A0: C0000005
    0767D8A4: 00000000
    > 0767D8DC: 39A3C750 39A30000 + C750 (vfplugs.dll)
    > 0767D8E4: 39A3961D 39A30000 + 961D (vfplugs.dll)
    > 0767D914: 77194460 770D0000 + C4460 (ntdll.dll)
    > 0767D91C: 77194460 770D0000 + C4460 (ntdll.dll)
    > 0767D92C: 77135B87 770D0000 + 65B87 (ntdll.dll)
    > 0767D944: 77139C05 770D0000 + 69C05 (ntdll.dll)
    > 0767D960: 77138FB2 770D0000 + 68FB2 (ntdll.dll)
    > 0767D964: 7713A28A 770D0000 + 6A28A (ntdll.dll)
    > 0767D98C: 00420040 00400000 + 20040 (vegas80.exe)
    0767D990: 0767DD70 07580000 + FDD70
    > 0767D994: 770D9834 770D0000 + 9834 (ntdll.dll)
    0767D998: 00000020
    0767D99C: 00000040
    > 0767D9BC: 01128C14 00400000 + D28C14 (vegas80.exe)
    0767D9C0: 0767DDB0 07580000 + FDDB0
    0767D9C4: 00000003
    0767D9C8: 00000000
    0767D9CC: 00000000
    > 0767D9D4: 00194460 00170000 + 24460 (sfwbdmux.dll)
    0767D9D8: 00000040
    > 0767D9F4: 770D9834 770D0000 + 9834 (ntdll.dll)
    > 0767DA04: 77139ECF 770D0000 + 69ECF (ntdll.dll)
    > 0767DA18: 77139D8C 770D0000 + 69D8C (ntdll.dll)
    > 0767DA28: 77139F40 770D0000 + 69F40 (ntdll.dll)
    > 0767DA34: 0044002A 00400000 + 4002A (vegas80.exe)
    - - -
    0767FFF0: 00000000
    0767FFF4: 0059B990 00400000 + 19B990 (vegas80.exe)
    0767FFF8: 00AE9C84 00400000 + 6E9C84 (vegas80.exe)
    0767FFFC: 00000000

    I Just finished my video and i am going to render but i am unable to because of this!! :(


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    When you say "open the file" do you mean a Vegas project file (.veg) or a video file? (mpeg2, m2t, AVI, etc) If it's a project file, sounds like there's something used that Vegas doesn't like. Any 3rd party plugin stuff used? As far as that error message goes, you might have more luck getting it interpreted over at the Sony forums.
    Sony Creative Software - Forums - Home

    Might be worth downloading the trial of 9a to see if that opens it OK. Be aware that once you save as a 9a project 8c won't open it. You would need to complete the project in 9a.
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    I Open the .veg project folder.
    im not really wanting to download 9.0, any other suggestions?

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    Email Sony Creative Software through the site above. May take a couple of days though - not going to give you the "fast" solution.
    What happens if you open a different project? (ie double click on a .veg file in Windows Explorer)

    If that opens OK then your problem is with one of the clips or plug-ins used in the problem project and not the installation of Vegas itself.

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    i can open any other file in vegas fine, just this file is a bit messed up. but i cant identify what part of the video is the one causing problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by xDorkiee View Post
    I Open the .veg project folder.
    im not really wanting to download 9.0, any other suggestions?
    Well, unless you want to start the project all over again, you need to consider that option. There's not much you can do if you can't even open the .veg file. As Tim sez, put in a support ticket to the Sony techs. They're fast with a reply....compared to most other software companies I've dealt with.

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    Well, it says i dont have a registered sony product, then i put in my serial # and it said it was invalid....o__o.

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