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  1. Default Investing in a new!

    Ok guys, I've got a JVC Everio GZ MG330 and its been good for what I've wanted to do but I need an upgrade.

    I've had enough of harddrive cameras and want to move to Mini DV.

    I would like one that also has a microphone imput (mini jack will do) and a headphone output.

    Also, how much are the adapters from firewire to PC because I cant afford a mac!

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    Just out of interest, why are you moving away from Hard Drive cameras?

    Whats your Buget?

    I always fancied this Canon XL H1A, but get the best for your budget.
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    Because I've had so many problems with them. When I did my college video I used my own camera, which didnt work on the macs at college. So I had to convert them which took ages, and Ive used another camera for another project and that had the same problem. I just want to capture from mini DV and not having to faf around with file formats.

    My budgets about 400.

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    I would go with sony, get for best for the buget, try and improve the budget.

    while your there check out night vision, you could have fun with that.
    Not sure what a basic night vision cam cost. But with these things its always the budget which makes the final choice.

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    If your looking for a cam with an external mic socket then Canon is your best bet. They had a few older models with this socket, as far as I can remember it is called the MD 205 but you might need to check that. I'm afraid mini dv's days are numbered even though I'm a mini dv die hard myself but I'm moving over to memory card soon.

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