Hi Guys

Because I only have a DuoCore 2.2Ghz machine and Vegas 7 , I'm currently taking my 1920x1080 AVCHD MTS files and processing them thru Upshift to create a M2t file with a bitrate of 50mbs.

I have been using the Vegas 1920x1080 template but notice that the M2t file is reported as being 1440x1080. Is this because the horizontal pixels aspect are not square but actually 1.333:1 ?????? Much the same as an SD PAL 4:3 is 720x576 and SD 16:9 is also 720x576 but the pixel aspect is different???

Should I be using the 1440x1080 template or stay with the 1920x1080 one. I'm rendering down to SD PAL Widescreen and everything looks correct by starting with the 1920x1080 template.

Can anyone confirm the pixel aspect situation and what template I should use???