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Thread: I need a new desktop PC for editing asap

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    Default I need a new desktop PC for editing asap

    ..a while back i purchased a Dell XPS with Vista..great specs and all but giving me plenty of problems!

    I want a machine with Win XP..budget of 1000k+

    can anyone recommend where I can have one custom built pls?

    thanx in advance

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    Am an ex PC builder, so I can give you the spec; and recommend a few places where you'll get a good deal. Whats your location am in the UK, so I only can recommend UK companies.

    OK, is it a full system you require or just the box IE have screen, mouse, keyboard ect. Coz that will make a big differance to budget having to buy those things, will effect what you can put inside.

    Is it a professional machine or hobbey and what type of work will you be doing on the PC. Software you plan to use on it; I would recommend going with windows 7 when its released on October the 22nd. As XP is quite old now, if your using XP 64 you may struggle for drivers with the new kit. What version of XP will you use if you don't decide to use Windows 7, is it 32 or 64. As is; if you stick with 32 bit you'll have a memory limitation.

    I just need a feel for how the system is going to be used and what for.

    This is so I can make certain chioces in hardware for you.

    I am at present building my own machine, so good timing, you could have the same. Read my Xeon Vs i7 dilema
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